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The IT Company that puts customers first.

NETSTREAM IS was founded in 2019. Today the company is a leading provider of global IoT connectivity, utilizing unique technology and a leading partner network, enabling the delivery of successful global IoT deployments.

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Our Main Service

Netstream IS delivers global IoT connectivity services internationally to its Partners to over 1,800 customers and connects more than 2 million devices to provide critical business data in real-time, over the air. Business with system integrators and cellular providers alike to enhance the integration capabilities for our customers around the world

Our Facilities

Our Facilities contain all the tools of the trade, including some of our own creation, to help you and us create the solution 

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6 Westville Rd, Dawncliffe, Durban, 3629

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We Employ The Latest Technology & Methods

Netstream IS believes in a customer-centric approach. We pride ourselves on striving for innovative ways to manufacture robust solutions, around the goals of the customer. We understand how to create a comprehensive solution that will meet and exceed expectations 

“The customer is the heart of our business and it is solely our duty to advise and serve them to the best of our professional abilities ”

Sadha Govender,

Founder, CEO of Netstream

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Our Expertise

Our services that we offer: 

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  • Asset Tracking 
  • Fleet Management 
  • Cold Chain Management
  • Smart Farming 
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  • Integrated PPT 
  • Tracking Systems 
  • Time and Attendance 
  • Workforce Management 
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Cyber and IT

  • Risk Profiling 
  • Real Time Overview
  • Cyber Crime 
  • Employee Ratings 
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Managed Services

  • Desktop Support 
  • Network Infrastructure 
  • Cabling 
  • CCTV 
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Software Development

  • App Development 
  • Web Development 
  • Custom Coded Software 
  • Hosting and Mail Services
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  • VoIP 
  • Fibre
  • ADSL 
  • Video and Audio Streaming 
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Why People Trust Us

High Quality Equipment

We utilize the latest tools of the trade to deliver quick and efficient problem solving

Unmatched Expertise

Our extensive database contains all the knowledge to troubleshoot any situation

Quick Results

Our quick turnaround and response times are what set us apart

Qualified Staff

Our qualified technicians are equipped with the skills needed to find the solution

Get One Step Ahead

The Information age is upon us and it is vital to stay connected and technologically up to date to ensure that you are running at optimal efficiency. Let us be your guide in this technological new age.