Netstream Intergrated Solutions


Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet We have a number of VoIP offerings available to our customers:
  • VoIP desk phones and wireless phones (Snom devices)
  • Configuration and installation of VoIP phone networks
  • Cloud PBX configuration and installation to allow for phone extensions and call transfers
Some advantages of opting for VoIP include:
  • Lower cost. Price is lower than typical phone bills.
  • Higher-quality sound. With uncompressed data, audio is less muffled or fuzzy.
  • Access for remote workers. Good for employees who work remotely as they have a number of options to call into meetings or communicate to other teammates.
  • Added features. These features include call recording, queues, custom caller ID or voicemail to email.
  • Low international rates. When a landline makes an international call, it rents the wired circuit for the call to transfer overseas. VoIP doesn’t require a wired line and uses the internet to make calls, which means it’s treated like normal traffic and is less expensive.