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Stolen Vehicle Recovery


Recovery of vehicles from a device perspective amounts to two basic fundamentals:

  • A reliable device that perform when needed 
  • The ability to notify the owner/monitoring centre a theft is in progress

The  NETSTREAM IS devices are tried and tested in challenging environments.   They have the best track record for reliability in the tracking industry.

They are compact, easy to install in obscure locations where they still transmit reliably unlike other products in the market.

There are no external antennas making it harder for thieves to track back to the device to compromise it, or to cut the antenna which could stop it from transmitting.


There are a number of early warning mechanisms used by NETSTREAM IS devices.


Movement Alerts – Telematics Guru is instructed to send a notification the moment a device moves a threshold distance (250m by default).  The user can select this with one-touch on TG mobile App.  


Battery back-up allows the device to send an alert if there is a power loss (possibly the device is being tampered with during a theft, very common in countries with high levels of vehicle syndicate theft).


Panic button – (Optional) the devices can be fitted with a panic button which can be hidden but in the reach of the driver.  In the event of hijack or theft, the driver can press the button to send an alert to control room of a theft in progress


Telematics Guru has a feature called a WebHook, whereby the alerts can be sent directly into the control room monitoring software.   This avoids the risk of a controller not keeping an eye on a mobile phone or email account (the 2 traditional alert mediums).

*There is development in place for an alarm buzzer in the platform with a pop-up window that forces the controller to deal with the alarm, note down activities, and drag it to the side of the main window while investigating / tracking the asset.  This will avoid instances where the controller forgets an alarm or becomes inattentive thus not dealing with the alarm effectively, all too common in control room environments.



Accuracy of tracking data is essential for the control room to monitor and track the vehicle during a theft.   NETSTREAM  IS  powered devices provide turn-by-turn tracking, as well as 30 second position updates. 


The battery powered devices have a default Trip Start, Trip End, 2-minute position logging and uploaded every 30 mins.



Ideal for the battery powered range of GPS trackers, when a vehicle (or asset) is stolen or reported missing, there is a one-touch feature on the Telematics Guru mobile App (also available in the TG platform) that sends a command to the device to go into live tracking (30-second reporting).

Once the device connects in, it will pick up the new command.   This is an innovative way to give optimised tracking capability while saving battery power at non-essential times.  Another leap forward in tech by NetstreamIS.