Netstream Intergrated Solutions

push-to-talk devices

Smart PTT Device system has the unique benefit of being able to work off cellular (4G LTE, 3G,2G), WI-FI as well as digital radio networks and simplex on certain of its devices to ensure exceptional coverage and reliability for the user. The stand out advantage of the NIS PTT radio system isthat two-way radio communication can be deployed almost anywhere with no major fixed costs to the customer other than the rental or purchase of the radio and the cost of the subscription to the service . The encrypted system allows for country wide as well as international coverage to be obtained and uses the cellular networks(4GLTE, 3G, 2G) as well as Simplex and Digital radio infrastructure in ensuring excellent range of coverage.

Body worn camera features professional-grade Sony Starlight lenses with night vision technology, ensuring all events are precisely captured. This highly innovative body camera was recently deployed by one of the world’s most elite military organizations with huge success and has since also been deployed in a number of other industries.