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The ever increasing demand of mission critical wireless voice, data, and video communications has generated more requests form government sectors, public safety, transport, logistics, construction, mining, EMS industries, which has driven the need to find more efficient ways to use the limited resources.

The advanced broadband Push-To-Talk solution has integrated the narrowband radio’s features and broadband multiple-media services. It helps end-users to build reliable and helpful connections without coverage issues all over the world. Whatever the use scenario is, we can fully fulfill your demand.

 The stand out advantage of the Tokie Push-to-Talk radio system is that two way radio communication can be deployed almost anywhere with no major fixed costs to the customer other than the rental or purchase of the radio and the cost of the subscription to the service.

The encrypted system allows for country wide as well as international coverage to be obtained and uses the cellular networks (4G LTE, 3G, 2G) as well as Simplex and Digital radio infrastructure in ensuring excellent range of coverage.


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