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Forensic Solutions

Just how actively are you managing your fraud risk? Most people think fraud is something that only happens to other people – until it actually happens to them…
NETSTREAM IS Forensic Services helps manage risk by accurately and expediently unravelling financial mysteries. We use cutting edge methodologies to identify and prevent your business or organisation from becoming a victim of fraud, corruption or any form of white collar crime.

Using a multi-disciplinary approach, we draw on accounting, auditing, investigative, IT, labour relations, legal and other expertise from both, inside NETSTREAM and relevant external industry experts. Every request from a client is unique but, based on our vast experience, we pride ourselves on providing tailor-made and cost-effective forensic solutions for clients in both the private and public sectors.

NETSTREAM IS Forensic Services offers a range of proactive and reactive forensic services which includes the following:

  • Business Intellegence
  • Individual (e.g. pre­screening of employees)
  • Business (e.g. profiling and vendor due diligence)
  • Fraud Awareness Training
  • General fraud and anti­corruption consulting
  • Fraud Prevention Programmes
  • Organizational fraud and anti­corruption awareness surveys
  • Development of fraud and anti­corruption policies and codes of conduct
  • Assessment, monitoring and review of fraud and anti­corruption policies and programmes
  • Anti-money laundering policies and programmes
  • Digital Forensic Analysis
  • Data imaging, recovery, extraction and analysing