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Risk Assessments

Risk Assements

Risk assessment software is a type of enterprise software that helps your company to actively manage risk. Many of these tools are analytical in nature, and use existing data or projections to help human decision makers identify risk and take measures to avoid potential crisis

Risk assesment activities can be delegated to local teams and, using mobile devices, completed at the point of work or activity.

Managers and/or health and safety professionals maintain control by setting deadlines and approving risk assessments, providing quality control.

An automated review system highlights risks due to be re-assessed, escalating alerts if assessments are not completed on time. This ensures all risk assessments remain current and relevant.

Live management information, including trend analysis to support proactive risk management, helps to focus resources in the right areas. Data is presented in user configurable dashboards that provide high-level management information and visibility of trends and hotspots.

A comprehensive audit trail captures every change within a record, noting the user, date and time. Stored records can be quickly and easily retrieved by individual users and auditors.