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Cold Chain management

As the name says, the cold chain is a logistics management process for products that require the refrigerated temperatures that customers demand. It’s a process, since it involves performing a chain of tasks to prepare, store and transport products along the cold supply chain. Cold chain management is a system of transporting and storing perishable goods (vaccines, food products, etc.) within a recommended safe temperature range.

Controlled temperatures need to be maintained in cool rooms as well as in refrigerated vehicles for the entire transportation journey to prevent the cargo from becoming spoiled. Organisations may be bound by law to ensure that appropriate procedures are put in place to ensure that the cold chain is managed effectively, and all Cold Chain breaches are reported. Our devices enable proactive monitoring and alerting to provide a complete cold chain monitoring solution. WHAT NEEDS TO BE MONITORED, REPORTED AND ALERTED ON? Cargo temperature is the key metric that must be tracked. Alerts need to be sent if the temperature falls outside of a safe range, and historical temperature data may need to be recorded.